"Non-Linear Street Photography is the way I see the world. The way it looks to me inside, through memory. In memory I don't see snap-shot still moments, rather a melding, a mashing of events and sounds and images that crash together without regard for linear time or space. This body of work seeks to capture this inner space. Non-Linear Street Photography moves one step beyond taking what is normally a subtractive process (editing the world through a photographic frame) and makes it additive.. Each work is completely composed in camera with reflections and multiple exposures----- on one frame of Tri-X film."

Oren R. Cohen is available for Fashion and Portrait work on a freelance basis. Please contact him through the site.

Oren R. Cohen has done extensive coursework at the School of Visual Arts, and at ICP and is an associate member of the Camera Club of New York.

Fine art prints of the images on this website are available on a limited basis. Please contact the artist for details.